05 March 2012

attend an amateur performance

Seussical put on by Lehi Elementary
Winter Date Night:  Attend an amateur performance
Cost: Free-$10
Perks:  Everything about this date is casual, you two will laugh, moan, and nit pick at the show, and you can do your part in supporting local events. 

Ok so the idea of this date isn't that amazing, I know.  Take a chance on these little performances because sometimes you will be happily surprised.  Of course you might end up with a downright awful performance but together you can make it soo much fun.  This is a great way to have a cheap date and be entertained by not only the show but also by your wonderful date.

If you have any winter date ideas please share them. Winter lasts for quite a few months and I would love to have a new date idea to share each week so we don't get the winter love blues!!!

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