10 March 2012

01. Talk About It

This is going to be a long post, but believe me it is going to be worth it. So take a minute and get your read on!

So I've come to realize that a sizzling hot topic for many women is "How to initiate SEX?!?" If you are having troubles in this area, just like I am and tons of other women, then you are going to be excited to see that I'm adding this to my regular weekly tips. I have found out that I'm not the only one who likes to be chased by their man. Most women typically wait for the man to hunt them down. All of us women who like to be chased have come to find that their men want to be chased too. Men get excited at the prospect of their women hunting them down. This doesn't mean you have to jump his bones the minute you see him or that you have to act like a porn star. What this means is that you've got to get a little creative in letting him know that you want him between the sheets. So every week I am going to share a tip that you can use to get him to give up the goods:

Chase Him Down

01. Talk about it

So it seems that many women find themselves wondering what they can do to initiate sex without feeling silly. I've read a few articles and they all say that the first thing a women needs is confidence. Your man is with you because he loves you inside and out. He wants your body as much as you want his. So there's nothing to be shy about!

The second thing you need is to talk about it. (These talk ideas come from The Knot's Nest Forum.) This talk should happen out of the blue like maybe after dinner one night. Start off the conversation with a few compliments: "I love you and I really love the sex that we have," or "I want to make love with you more often because I love it." or "I would like to initiate it more often or at least let you know that I'm in the mood." Then say, "What could I do to show you my desire for you?" Give him a day to think of some ideas.

The next night during dinner ask specific questions: When is he in the mood most or when is he in the mood the least. Let him know that you really like sex (insert time here) and follow it up with a steamy sex session you had at that time. Find out if he has a fantasy about you initiating. Tell him of a fantasy of your own where you initiate.

I know that was a lot of information but I wanted to give you some specifics. If you are like me the more specific the details the more direction I have! You will be glad you have this talk because now you have a road map of your honey's lust likes and dislikes. You will know what direction you should take when initiating. This should give you confidence in getting started. So what are you waiting for, go get initiated!!!

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